We have developed a range of solutions, that offer a varied number of isolation and treatment areas, based on the size and number of patients required.


In extreme times, rapid action saves lives.  We can create a world-class airborne virus hospital in less than 6 months!

Only 2 other medical grade facilities with state-of-the-art ventilation systems have been built to date in KZN for infectious disease isolation and treatment. This tried and tested solution, prioritising the safety of staff and wellness of patients, is the future of medical care in extreme times.

Built in consultation with the Department of Health and the Departments of Works for the Covid-19 pandemic, this ideal solution for airborne virus treatment is cost-effective and can be tailored to custom specifications and requirements. The ground-breaking model uses advanced technology with contingency back-ups in place for all systems. The format can also be repurposed, or purpose-built, for schools, training facilities, army camp facilities, and more.

Start treating patients in as little as 4 months in any location with an immediate turnkey solution developed by Extreme Event Infrastructure.


The Extreme Sanitizing Tunnel is a purpose built walk-through sanitizer unit which dispenses the perfect recommended dose of non-alcohol based disinfectant, ideal for use in shopping centers, construction sites, office buildings, schools, factories, mines, estates, airports and even private homes. The product has been designed to be extremely cost-effective in both operating and maintenance costs.